For high resolution analysis of Short Nucleic Acids Fragments

Short Fragment™ gels are specifically developed for high resolution analysis of short nucleic acids fragments (siRNA, RNA, ssDNA, dsDNA and labelled oligonucleotides). These gels resolve a 1 nt difference in length of fragments below 50 nt/bp.
Short Fragment™ gels are based on a proprietary, non-toxic NAT monomer. They are easy to handle and provide sharp and straight bands.
Short Fragment™ gels are best run in the ORIGINS by Elchrom™ with integrated temperature control and permanent buffer circulation for optimal results in high resolution electrophoresis.

Short Fragment™ Special Features

  • High resolution: 1 nt/bp for oligonucleotides, dsDNA and RNA below 50 nt/bp
  • High throughput: up to 50 samples in only 90 minutes
  • Sharp and straight bands

Short Fragment™ General Notes

  • Storage: horizontally at 4°C (40°F), do not freeze!
  • Shelf life: at least 3 months (max. 6 months)

Short Fragment™ Ordering Information:

3700 Short Fragment™ Gel SF50, Wide Mini S-2x13 1 box of 6x2 gels
3701 Short Fragment™ Gel SF50, Wide Mini S-2x25 1 box of 6x2 gels
3702 Short Fragment™ Gel SF50, Wide Mini S-4x25 1 box of 6x2 gels